In this chapter, we will discuss sexual offending behavior perpetrated by those individuals who suffer from psychotic mental illness (MI) including schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, delusional disorder,andatypical psychoses.Thediagnosis of MI is often comorbidly associated with other disorders such as personality disorder and intellectually disabilities. Here we intend to concentrate on those with severe and enduring mental health difficulties. While there is relatively good consensusamongresearchers and clinicians about the diagnoses of schizophrenia (Hodgins, 2004), and the assessment and treatment of sexual offenders (Beech, Craig, & Browne, 2009), there is a shortage of research on the assessment and treatment of sexual offenders with psychotic MI (Garrett & Thomas- Peter, 2009). As Hodge and Renwick (2002) argue, “there has been a general lack of consideration given to the factors underpinning mentally disordered offenders . . . and examination of motivational issues in this population is long overdue” (p. 221). This is particularly true for sexual offenders with psychoticMI, and as a result, relatively little attention has been paid to the assessment and treatment of those with psychotic MI who display sexually abusive behaviors.

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