The aim of the current study was to investigate the gender differences in preferences for particular characteristics of an ideal sexual partner, and also to investigate the degree men and women accurately estimate the preferences of the other gender. A sample of 289 men and 137 women, who were serving in the army, completed a questionnaire about what they believed the ideal sex partner’s characteristics were, as well as what they thought the other gender would answer to the same set of questions. Relative to women, men valued more highly the preference of a sex partner who is physically attractive, experiences orgasm easily, and likes erotic videos or books. Women, more highly valued the preference of a partner who is knowledgeable about sex and takes the dominant role during sex. The comparison between men”s reported preference and women’s rating regarding what they thought men prefer, showed that women overestimated the degree to which men like a partner saying compliments during sex, and like erotic videos and books. The comparison between women’s reported preferences and men’s rating regarding what they thought women prefer, showed that men underestimated women’s preference for a partner who clearly communicates desires, and experience orgasm easily. The findings of the present study may have important implications for sexual counselling or education.

Orestis Giotakos

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